Tis’ The Season… The Season… To Smile:)

Holidays can be hectic and it’s super easy to let your CSA box go to waste, so we wanted to share some of our fool proof tricks to help you utilize everything in your CSA box during the holidays!

Come up with a plan

As soon as we get our box we take a little inventory. What did we get? What do we have? How can we fit this into our busy schedule?

For example, Peter and I  know every week that leafy greens will be used up in smoothies and juice. Smoothies and juices are perfect for the holidays because they’re quick, easy and perfect for on the go. You can see Peter and I in a smoothie-off Here.

Winter Squash

Put that squash to good use

CSA members get a crazy amount of winter squash during this time of year and they can really start to back up! We suggest cooking a few squash at once. Acorn squash tastes great cold and makes the perfect snack or even meal. We love Acorn Squash with a little brown rice, avocado, onions and a dash of Brag’s Liquid Aminos.

Simple Stuffed Squash

And spaghetti squash is great for big groups, as it’s super filling and goes a long way! Invite your friend and family over for a holiday party and have a big Spaghetti feed. Use the squash in place of spaghetti  noodles, ask some else to bring the sauce, garlic bread, a big salad and you are set!

Just eat the fruit

You will occasionally see us use persimmons and pomegranates in recipes because, well, it’s fun! But when we’re short on time, the first thing we grab to munch on is seasonal fruit. Persimmons are great because you can toss them in your bag or car and eat them wherever you are (extra points for not being messy).  My advice would be to replace energy bars and  chips, (these easily end up in your hand, then mouth, when you’re short on time) with seasonal fruit from your box… like persimmons!

SRS Recipe

Get creative with your herbs

One thing I really love about our CSA box is the fresh rosemary! It reminds me of the holidays and cooking a big feast… I just love it:) But we get a lot… so I have to get creative in order to use up all of the rosemary and other herbs.

Here’s are some ideas on how you can use up some of those herbs;

  • Rosemary great on/in: squash, rice, chocolate chip cookies, corn bread, roasted nuts and stuffing.
  • Sage great on/in: macaroni and cheese, squash, quinoa, brussels sprouts and stuffing.
  • Thyme great on/in: roasted vegetables and nuts, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pastas.

Put those green beans in the freezer

Not much to say about this one… if you can’t go through all the green beans before they go bad (they do last awhile) then put them in a zip lock bag and toss them in the freezer. We like to wash and chop them first, so we can quickly put them to use at a later time.

If you need a gluten-free Green Bean Casserole recipe, This is our go-to recipe

CSA Farm

Ask Us

Seriously! If you’re struggling to use up your produce let us know, I am sure we can help you come up with some creative ways you can put that produce to use during the holidays.

OK… Your Turn!

Do you struggle to use your CSA box this time of year ?

What tips do you have for making the most of your CSA box during the holidays?

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