I used to do this thing where I would eat something like chocolate cake or cold pizza for breakfast and then beat myself up over it. I am happy to say those days are long gone! I want to share my tips for avoiding negative thoughts that can end up in extra pounds!

I didn’t realize the effect my words and thoughts had on my body

Yes, cake for breakfast doesn’t usually make you feel good, but I would do it and then immediately think “wow, now I am going to be fat and bloated all day”, and then I would feel exactly that!

These days I eat a lot cleaner, but still have my moments. When I want a piece of chocolate cake and instead of me saying something negative, I say things like this cake is going to be delicious and will be fun to share with Peter. And sure enough, I feel a lot better afterwards.

I come in contact with a lot of friends and clients who tell me about their eating habits and then immediately say how terrible they are and how stupid they are for eating things that make them gain weight.

I hear things like “I got Chipotle for lunch, I’m such an idiot because I know Chipotle has a bunch of calories and is not helping me lose weight”. Or “I ate a bunch of bread at dinner and now I want to die”.

You might not be saying these things out loud, but thinking them is just as bad. This might sound extreme and you may be thinking “I don’t say those things” but be conscious the next few days and pay attention to how you use words when describing your body, and the way you eat. You might be surprised.

In the book, Mind over Medicine by Lissa Rankin, she states that one of the most important things you can do for your health is to think positive thoughts… and I totally agree!


Here are my Top 5 Tips to Think Yourself Healthy:

  1. Make up a Healthy Mantra you can repeat to yourself. I made up this one, “I am healthy, I am human and I am trying my best”
  2. Write down what you’re grateful for every morning. When you start focusing on the positive things in your life, there isn’t room for the negative things like degrading self-talk.
  3. Allow yourself dessert and “junk food” every now and again. As soon as you tell yourself you can’t have something, you end up wanting it more than anything! We make these cookies all the time and indulge in dark chocolate once or twice a week.
  4. Surround yourself with Positive People. The people you spend your time with play a BIG role in your mood and characteristics. If they talk poorly about their body and health it’s very likely that you do the same, at least when you’re around them.
  5. Be conscious. Notice what are you saying to friends and partners about yourself? And then reflect… is that what you want people to think about you? If you’re always telling your partner you’re fat, do you want them to think that? If you’re saying things that you don’t want people to be thinking about you, be conscious and make the shift to saying things you DO want people to think!

I know this is a sensitive topic, however our thoughts and how we talk about our self to others plays a big role in your health. My message to you: If you’re trying to get healthy or lose weight, try thinking about yourself in a more positive light, you might surprise yourself;)


Do you think thoughts play a role in your health? Have you ever had a problem with negative or limiting thoughts?

Care to share things that work for you?

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