Balsamic Parsnip Salad

Balsamic Parsnip Salad
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2-4
  • 1 head of lettuce
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 large or 4 small parsnips
  • 1 tomato
  • ½ cup sunflower sprouts
  • 1 bell pepper
  • ¼ of an onion
  • 2 Tbsp. mint leaves
  • ¼ cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tsp. coconut oil
  • sea salt and pepper to taste
  • ¼ cup tahini
  • 3 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
  • water to thin out dressing
  1. Preheat oven to 425°F.
  2. Chop parsnips into small cubes. Place in a large bowl with 1 tsp. coconut oil and a dash of sea salt. Mix well coating the parsnips with coconut oil, we recommend using your hands. Place flat on a baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes.
  3. While parsnips bake, chop lettuce, avocado, sunflower sprouts, tomato, bell pepper, onion and mint leaves. Place ingredients in one large salad bowl (or divide it up into two individual bowls). Add pumpkin seeds.
  4. Next make dressing by mixing all of the ingredients together, add water to thin out a little. Dressing should still be thick.
  5. Once parsnips are done add those to the bowl. Top with dressing, you may need to use hands to work dressing through salad. Season with salt and pepper.
  6. Eat right away!


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