and Finally Reclaim Your Authentic Self!

We asked our clients what they wanted more of, and this is what they said…

  • I want to kick my Cravings for Cheese
  • I want to end my NEED for a drink
  • I want to know exactly what to eat, and what to avoid
  • I want to go plant-based
  • I want to exercise consistently
  • I want to find the time to do healthy things daily
  • I want clear skin
  • I want to get off the sugar

One thing all of these things have in common, is once you do them…

- You’ll arrive at your ideal weight.

- You’ll regain the authentic health that's available to you.

It’s available to all of us.

We discovered this 8 years ago, and want to help you do the same.


It's a program built around the strategy that we used to transform our lifestyle and arrive at our authentic health & ideal weight.

...if your health is not where you would like it to be,

...if you have a little more weight than you would like,

...if you’re unsure of how you can make this big transformation happen,


We created this program to walk you through the process we took.

From removing the cheese & alcohol, to including plant-based foods, becoming educated on true nutrition, exercising consistently, clearing up our skin, and becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves.

It was a journey that took us 6 months, and we’d like to walk you through it as well :)

This would an ideal program for you if:

* You’d like to reach your ideal weight (your slender-self)

* You know your health isn’t perfect, and you’d like to get it there

* You’re frustrated with yourself, and tired of trying things that don’t work

* You have limited time, but you’re willing to set aside 45 minutes each week to work on this program

* You have food addictions you’d like to conquer

* You’d like to exercise more consistently

When you set your mind to something you can do it, so let’s make 2018 the year you set your mind to losing weight & gaining health! 🎉

Results you can expect in this program...

  • Eating a Plant-based diet
  • Lose up to 60 pounds (if you have weight to lose)
  • Running up to a ½ marathon (if you want to do this)
  • Clear up pesky skin issues
  • Getting off sugar, alcohol, bread, and dairy
  • Getting your family eating healthier

WARNING: After this program, people will want to know how you transformed your health in such a short amount of time. And, some people will be envious.

But, it’s so worth it to...

...Lose the weight, and the fear of illness & chronic disease

...Ditch the stomach pain from cravings that don’t serve you

...End the back + leg pain from not exercising regularly

...Stop feeling embarrassed by how you look in photos


Reclaim your authentic health, overcome food addictions (cheese, sugar, alcohol), and join us for a transformational journey to arrive in your slender, bright, and thriving body.

Here’s a breakdown of this program…

  • 60 Live Trainings - gain the knowledge to feel confident in your choices ($2,000 Value)
  • Weekly Journal Prompts - to help you focus in on your goals ($600 Value)
  • Weekly Action Items - to keep you on track ($600 Value)
  • Private FB Group - with others doing the program to help hold you accountable ($500 Value)
  • New Recipes Each Week - made live in the FB group ($600 Value)
  • A Private Focus Call With Sarah - to figure out where you need to concentrate your efforts, and get customized help ($500 Value)

The whole program is valued at $4,800...

but your price is less than a tenth of that!

You can sign up today for ONLY $70/Month (or pay in full for ONLY: $350)




Here is a look at the topics we’ll be covering each month:

* This is just a small overview *


Becoming Healthy & Confident

Learn what makes something healthy and unhealthy

Overcome overthinking

High fat vs low fat

Best diet for disease prevention

Why plant-based

The 411 on gluten-free

How to eat seasonally

+ Much More


Kicking Cravings & Removing Problem Foods

Break the bad habits and misinformation

Strategies for avoiding the millions of unhealthy options all around you

How to avoid eating foods that other people bring into your home/work

How to handle eating out, and weekend binges

Satisfy that sweet tooth with sugar free sweets (that are good for you!)

+ Much More


Your Exercise Training Plan

Discover what workout is best for your body type

How to practice yoga if you’re not flexible

How to create a foot race training plan that works (up to ½ marathon)

What you need for an at-home gym

How to create a workout schedule you’ll stick to

How to lose weight by walking

Pre and post workout meals/snacks

+ Much More


Seasonal, Fresh & Plant-based

How to eat even more plants and superfoods

Home gardening, CSA’s, and Farmers Markets

The benefit of raw food and how to do it right

The importance of organic, and what really matters

Protein, and staying full on a plant-based diet

+ Much More


Creating A Healthier Family

Cooking for a family

How to balance hormones via diet

How to make sure everyone is getting enough nutrients

How to cook for multiple diets in one meal

How to manage stress

How to prevent colds and sick days

How to inspire others to get healthier ASAP

How to avoid family conflicts

How to get on the same page Fast

How to avoid arguing about money or affording organic produce ;)

+ Much More


Balancing Your Full Schedule

How to stay grounded during the busy seasons

When to detox and cleanse

How to know when you’re off balance

What to do when you start feeling off

How to handle things outside of your control

What to do when life throws you a curveball

+ Much More

This is a program you won’t want to miss!

This program is jam packed, but designed in a way that even the woman working 3 jobs with 5 kids can get through it. We just ask that you set aside 1-2 hours a month (you can split this up), plus time to implement everything you’ve learned!

Authentic Health Officially Starts January 1st!

What happens once you sign up?

Well first, you can relax knowing you have a game plan for the new year!

Once you sign up, you’ll get an email from us with all of the details PLUS instant access to our private program FB group, and get to connect with others starting the program in January.

You’ll also be able to set up your 1:1 call to get support as soon as you’d like :)

PS - The sooner you sign up, the more you get.

Leading up to the course, we’ll be providing trainings in the program group that will help you get results before the program even starts! As well as access to our past 50 trainings!

Ready To Take On The New Year?

Get this program for $70/Month, or just 1 payment of $350!




"You do not have a one size fits all program. To be honest, I expected you to tell me more "what not to do," such as don't eat meat, don't eat gluten, don't eat cheese, don't drink alcohol, etc. But you are so open to lifestyles different than your own, and you emphasize personal balance. I was so refreshed to learn that! Would I recommend working with Sarah? YES! ASAP! She is phenomenal, and you'll love her."

Christina T.

(also joining us in Authentic Health)

"Thank you again for giving me the tools and encouragement to change my family's and my life for the better. You've been a huge encouragement in this journey and I feel very blessed."

Gigi B.

(also joining us in Authentic Health)