Are you giving your child too much sugar?

This post was inspired after a trip to my local health food store… Jimbo’s Naturally!

I was super excited when I saw one of the ladies from the Suja team demoing a new product line they just launched called Suja Elements.

I am a big fan of Suja. I think they do a great job of making healthy look and taste good, which Peter and I know isn’t always easy! 

This new line is all raw and organic. Its not only juice (they use juice as a base) but contains whole fruit, making it more like a smoothie (containing fiber). And my favorite part is they include superfoods like camu camu and aloe vera!

One of the reasons I was so excited about this is because a lot of the pre-packaged smoothies on the shelf are not raw, but pasteurized, so they have a lot less nutrients (think of heating up that smoothie you just made at home…weird right) and most of the time they have a bunch of added sugar. Not Elements though, its pure goodness!

They taste great and are a perfect option for children…… OR ARE THEY?

Well while I was at the demo counter a mom came over and looked at the bottle and immediately saw the 30 grams of sugar and announced, “Yikes, that is way too much sugar for my kids!”! …and walked away.

Which got me thinking… If your child wanted a bowl of fruit with bananas, strawberries, oranges, apples and cherries – would you tell them they couldn’t because it contains too much sugar?

My guess would be no.

And that’s because sugar is not listed on raw fruit and vegetables (…which is a good thing :)  )

My point is sometimes there is more to consider than basic nutrition stats. We believe in checking labels and nutrition facts, but really the thing that needs the most attention is the ingredients. Not all food is created equal, and here at we are firm believers in whole food ingredients.  We think that Suja’s new line, Elements, is a great option for kids and adults alike!

But we want to hear from you leave a comment below….

Parents what are your thoughts?

…Do you worry about your child getting to much sugar?

…Do you limit fruit?

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* Post was not sponsored by Suja, opinions are all our own :)

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