sarah and peter hagstrom the seasonal diet

We’ve come a long way in our health over the years. In fact, health wasn’t even on our radar until after graduating college.

Back in 2008, the theme of our original diet was “No Restrictions”. We unconsciously consumed lots of fast food, alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

Back then, we also didn’t believe we had any control over our health, that our genes and family determined our future well-being. While we did think exercise was healthy, we certainly didn’t know food could improve our health. As far as we knew, “organic” was just another marketing ploy.

Today, our theme is a “Seasonal” one, filled with fresh, local in-season produce. We focus on whole, plant-based, unrefined, organic, gluten-free foods.

Now, we believe we DO have control over our health, and embrace that responsibility. We also believe diet, exercise AND mindset can improve or damage your health, and that we can actually live extremely healthy lives despite hereditary diseases and current ailments.

In our opinion, organic seasonal produce purchased locally is WAY under rated, as it’s like delicious edible gold that’s perfect for building a complete healthy body and life.

Why we did it

There are 3 big reasons why we started eating better…

#1 – Poor Digestion

We both had painful issues with our digestion.

Sarah had stomach aches ALL the time. She had gone to her doctor to figure it out, but they had no idea and their tests were inconclusive. As she started eating less gluten and more whole foods, she was able to eliminate them altogether.

Peter had struggled his entire life with constipation. It was something he thought he had to live and couldn’t do anything about. It wasn’t until after consuming daily green juice, smoothies and salad that he realized he no longer had an issue with being regular.


#2 – Low Energy

We both drank WAY too much coffee. In fact, Sarah was actually a barista throughout college. After cleaning up our diets, we found it to be too much stimulation and were able to finally wean ourselves off – something we hadn’t been able to do since beginning college.

Not only did we free ourselves from caffeine, but having more energy allows us to get more done. We’re both very productive people, and being able to maximize our days & weeks gives us the ability to achieve more than ever before.

More energy means more time for meal planning, cooking, playing, exercising, exploring, working, etc.


#3 – Skin Issues

Our skin used to always be in a fragile state. Peter struggled with severe eczema on his hands and Sarah was constantly dealing with dull skin, acne and skin spots. Over time our skin has completely transformed, and we spend less time worrying about our skin. Peter’s hands don’t crack anymore and Sarah no longer feels the need to wear makeup.


Side Benefits

Along with solving our digestion, energy & skin issues, we’ve also managed to…

  • Each lose 10+ pounds
  • Increase our muscle definition
  • Boost our immunity
  • Raise our stamina

One thing we always tell our clients is to have an open mind when improving your diet. If you make an effort to listen to your body, and make changes based on what feels right, you can experience improvements in areas you never even thought about.

Weight loss, better sleep, vibrant skin, increased libido, lower blood pressure, stronger hair & nails – anything can happen, you just have to believe in yourself and allow your body to transform.

Sarah and Peter Hagstrom The Seasonal Diet

How you can do it too

Download our Meal Idea Generator!

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Get this free Meal Idea Generator so you have a list of healthy choices to help you out when you’re tired and need it the most.

It Includes:

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  • The Top 4 Things to Consider – to guarantee you’re getting in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables each day.
  • An Energy Reminder – helps you pick meals that will give you energy, not take it!

If you have any questions, or just want to chat you can contact us here.

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