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People are always asking us for a post on what we eat in day, and I totally get it because I love seeing posts like that as well! So take a peek at what a weekend day of eating (and fun) looks like for Peter and I! You might be surprised by how much we eat and what finds its way onto our plate…

The Artist Way

I recently started joining Peter in The Artist Way program, so we get up 30 minutes early every morning to do ‘morning pages’. With our morning pages we always drink warm water with lemon. On Sunday we got up at 7:30 am!


We follow our lemon water with green juice! We just got a new juicer for Christmas and I am obsessed with it. We went from a Breville centrifugal to an Omega masticating. I was really worried the Omega would be more work but it’s totally not! Best part, the juice doesn’t seperate and it juices greens so much better. Peter made the juice on sunday morning….thanks Peter:)

Bergamot yoga

After juice we took off for Yoga at Bergamot. If you’re in San Diego and have not done yoga here….you’re missing out. Like seriously! The yoga teachers all have their own personality, it’s unpretentious and no class is the same….pretty much heavenly. We took a 9am class with Josh….he is definitely one of our all time favorite teachers! The class was 2 hours….talk about heavenly.

Miss Janie

From there we made our way to the Leucadia farmers market. Snacked on some fruit, apple for me, banana for Peter. Picked up our CSA Box. And couldn’t resist trying this superfood chocolate…holy cow! But seriously, it was good. Our friend Rosie bought some and shared a little with us…Thanks Rosie!

Superfood Chocolate

From their we headed to Whole Foods Market to get some beans, chips, brown rice tortillas and vitamin b-12.

Whole Foods Chips

We finally made it home around 1:30pm for a late lunch.


We whipped up some brown rice wraps with fresh veggies and a peanut sauce! Yum.


Happy Camper

Around 4pm we were ready to get to work on a few projects for the week ahead but needed a little pick me up…

Chocolate and Tea

We broke out the dark chocolate and some green tea! It was actually a green tea chocolate bar so it went amazingly well with the tea!

Around 7pm we decided it was time to get serious about dinner and whipped up some nacho bowls. Pretty much a taco salad, but with a vegan queso dip.

Peter cooks

Peter didn’t hate it!

Nacho Bowl

After dinner, Peter’s usually on dish duty and I am busy making lunch for Monday!

On the menu this Monday: Overnight Oats, Buckwheat Pudding and Green Smoothies!

Finally, around 10:30pm it’s bed time…


Super Goofy

Yes, we take our weekends very seriously;)

Our weekend eats/schedule is a lot different than during the week…. so we will be posting a week day edition soon:)

Do your eats on the weekends look different than during the week?

Do you have any weekend rituals?

    3 replies to "A Day of Eats (Weekend Edition)"

    • Olivia Lane

      This made me smile so huge! Love the pics!!!! Great post! I wanna try that chocolate!

      My fiance works from home and I practically never leave the house so our food is pretty much the same during the week as the weekend. Except we used to eat veggie hotdogs every Saturday. We haven’t done that in a while. Our weekend ritual is to get coffee and read books together on Sundays.

      • Sarah

        Hey Olivia!
        Yes the chocolate is the bomb…and the packaging is really cute. I am sucker for good marketing! Coffee and reading together sounds perfect:)

    • Crista

      you two are adorable….

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