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Hey Guys, so I wanted to write this real quick since it’s on my mind.

I’ve been getting asked “what things can be done to make healthy eating easier?” That’s a great question, with a pretty straight-forward answer…

You should get your friends and family on-board

Why is that? Well, think about it, when you get your husband, girlfriend, roommate, etc. thinking about and eating healthy food like you do, your life will get a whole lot easier. Meal planning is easier, shopping, events, and travel are all a lot less taxing to plan out. You’ve essentially shifted your world.

Can you imagine a reality where everyone ate super healthy?


7 ways to get your friends eating healthier


It would be so easy you probably wouldn’t have to even think about it.

I know, I know, we don’t live in a world like that, but the more people you surround yourself with, that eat healthy, the more likely you will be at doing the same.

Here are a few ways to do just that…

7 ways to get your friends (and Dad) eating healthier

1. Make dinner and invite them over

Use your favorite recipes and show them how easy and delicious they are to prepare. To make things really easy on you, make a couple recipes from The SD and then encourage them to get a copy of it for themselves so you don’t have to explain the whole thing :)

Having company over for dinner is incredibly powerful. Don’t underestimate that, you’ll get 21 questions about quinoa, cooking equipment, shopping, etc. When they go home, they’ll be still be thinking about it. Make it a fun experience, use your good dishes and put some enthusiasm and creativity into the meal, chop the salad ingredients in a fun way, and use the good dishes for serving. A great meal is an unforgettable experience.

2. Share your results with them

People love success stories, especially those that really like you. Don’t be afraid to tell them things are going good; this isn’t bragging, it’s being helpful. How often do you think they hear from a loved one that their diet is changing their life and they’ve never felt better – my guess is one or two, but most likely none.

I’ve had incredible results with this, and honestly, it’s bullet proof. I’ve heard a lot of people tell me they couldn’t eat like I do with all the vegetables and salads. Instead I get “oh, bacon and cheese, I could never give those up”. I always make sure to tell them “I’m fine with whatever you choose to eat, as long as it makes you feel really good”; that’s my approach anyways (and Sarah’s too). They only reason I kept making changes to my diet was because it always made me feel a little better or gave me more energy.


7 ways to get your friends eating healthier


3. Post photos on social media of the recipes you make

Every time you do this, it gets your friends interested. Behind their screen they’re saying “oh, that looks good, I want that”.

If you’ve never done this, I think you’d be surprised how effective it is. Think about it: if you’re looking at pictures of healthy food created by people you actually know, the next time you go to eat something mediocre, that will be in the back of your mind. “Hmm, maybe this pre-packaged salad and potato chips aren’t that great”.

Now, to add extra oomph, make sure to say how quick it was to make, or how simple the ingredients are, or that your carrots are from the farmers market you went to on Sunday.

4. Put a seasonal twist on their favorite recipe

Figure out what recipe they really like and give them a couple ideas how they can incorporate some seasonal highlights into it. This could either be in conversation, or you could even make it for them.  Finally, try to sprinkle in some confidence-boosters too, because it can be intimidating at first to alter a recipe. Creativity takes courage!

5. Involve them in the cooking & shopping process

This is an expansion of the first idea “Make Dinner & Invite Them Over”. This is 10x more powerful than just making them dinner, because now you’re shopping, cooking AND eating together – the full process. Imagine all of the great conversation about food you’ll get to have. Let them pick out some of their favorite Seasonal veggies to add to the recipe. Make sure to share your success on our Facebook Page as we’d love to hear about it!


7 ways to get your friends eating healthier


6. Spend a day at the farmers market

This is a good option for a more in-depth shopping process. If you shop at a farmers market, you know what I’m talking about – there is a LOT going on there. It’s not just about the farmers either, the markets we go to have superfoods, teas, chocolates, unpasteurized nuts, dried fruit, etc. Most people don’t shop at the farmers market, so prepare for an eye-opening experience.

This one is definitely a win-win, it’s always more fun to shop with your friends especially if  you usually go alone:)

7. Always come from place of love

Food and health is a sensitive subject, much more than money even, so don’t be too preachy or bossy, always come from a place of love. Coming on too strong will always trigger the other person to become defensive and flighty. To read more about this in detail, I recommend reading this other post: Inspire Others to Eat Healthy…. Like You!

If you’ve been successful with changing your diet, then these 7 strategies are the next step. To learn more about our Tastemakers, I recommend reading What is a Tastemaker… and when do you become one?.

What are some of the ways you get your friends and family eating healthier? How has your experience been? What are some of your successes and what do you attribute them to?

    6 replies to "7 Ways to Get your Friends (and dad) Eating Healthier"

    • Erica

      Love this! Great blog–I just discovered it :) My fiance and I are always looking for ways to eat healthier. Our wedding is extra motivation. Hardest part for me: cutting out sweets.

    • sarah

      Awesome Erica! We are so happy you found us:) Cutting out sweets can be tough. Peter and I limit sweets to a few nights a week but also put a healthy spin on them, like last nights we had zucchini brownies:) And congratulations on your wedding!

    • Olivia Lane

      3 & & are my favorite!

      • Peter

        Olivia – Yes, agree! Sharing photos is such an easy way to inspire while also coming from a place of love:)

    • Jory

      Great tips! As the “head chef” in my home it’s easy for me to make sure my little family unit eats healthfully. But, I too have hit roadblocks and lots of questions with family outside my little unit ie: my hardcore carnivorous dad. When he visits, I usually make at least one seasonal, and delicious meat free meal to try to show him how tasty meals without meat can be. At family get together a I always bring a dish that I think will entice everyone visually whether it is a colorful, seasonal veggie dish or a healthier treat like vegan rice crispy treats.

      • Peter

        Great advice Jory – I think we can all relate to having the hardcore carnivore in our lives, but it seems almost too easy sometimes to win their heart with a little vegan treat!

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