Being healthy gets a little more challenging when you’re constantly being invited out for dinner or traveling. And while we don’t recommend eating out often, it’s good to be prepared & order smart when you do.

Please use this list before you eat out again, and as you get more comfortable you’ll figure out how to order so you don’t ruin your weight-loss efforts – and you won’t be stuck with a boring salad;)

TIPS: Before I dive into what you can order, I wanted to share some useful tips you should know before you sit down & order.

  • Check Out the Menu Online Before You Arrive. This way you can get an idea of what you’re working with. You’ll probably be making some modifications to your order, and it’s good to get a head start, that way the rest of your party doesn’t have to wait long for you to figure out what to order.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Call. If something isn’t clear, or you have a question, call the restaurant. I do this ALL the time. Organic is a big deal for us, and sometimes restaurants are very vague about organic. Like… “is everything organic, some or is it just Seasonal?!” So I pick up the phone and ask. If you’re polite and patient, they really don’t mind.
  • Ask if They Have a Vegetarian or Gluten-Free Menu. You’d be surprised to find out that a lot of popular chain restaurants have secret vegetarian menus!
  • Tell your Server of your Dietary Restrictions or What You’re Looking For. See if they can help or make recommendations. It might go something like this: “Hi, I’m vegan and looking for something that is also gluten-free, I was wondering if you had anything on the menu or could make any recommendations?”
  • Use Tools Like Yelp or Happy Cow. Check these out before you go out to find vegan, vegetarian or at least places with those options.
  • Go for Ethnic Food. Asian, Indian and Mexican are all great options. These places usually have a lot of vegetable mains and the other dishes that can be easily modified.

50 Healthy Things You Can Order at Most Restaurants

  1. Salad (LOL had to go there): But make it more exciting by adding rice, beans, nuts, seeds, chips. You just have to think about it and ask for it. (Any Restaurant)
  2. Pasta with red sauce (Italian Restaurant)
  3. Brown Rice, Beans, Salsa and Guacamole (Mexican Restaurant)
  4. Vegetable Soup (Any Restaurant)
  5. Gluten-free Pizza, no cheese – choose red sauce or olive oil & vegetables (Italian Restaurant)
  6. Stir Fried Vegetables over rice (Chinese, Thai, Seafood Restaurant)
  7. Pasta Salad with Vegetables (Any Restaurant)
  8. Spaghetti, no meat or cheese (Italian Restaurant)
  9. Smoothie with soy milk & Granola (Breakfast Cafe)
  10. Kale Salad with Tortilla Chips (Most Restaurants)
  11. Quinoa Salad (Any Restaurant)
  12. Veggie Burger over greens with avocado (Most Restaurants)
  13. Mexican Salad with Sweet Potato Fries (American Restaurant)
  14. Tofu Spring Rolls (Asian/Thai Restaurant)
  15. Vegetable Curry (Asian/Thai Restaurant)
  16. Eggplant Sandwich or other grilled vegetable sandwich no cheese (Italian Restaurant)
  17. Steamed Vegetables and a Sweet Potato (American Restaurant)
  18. Vegetable Tacos (Mexican Restaurant)
  19. Bean Tacos (Mexican Restaurant)
  20. California Rolls (Sushi/ Asian Restaurant)
  21. Hummus Platter: vegetables, olives, hummus and a side of rice (Greek/Ethnic Restaurant)
  22. Falafel and Veggies (Greek/Ethnic Restaurant)
  23. Pasta with marinara sauce and olives (Italian Restaurant)
  24. Grilled artichokes with rice (American/Greek Restaurant)
  25. Vegetable dolmades (Greek Restaurant)
  26. Vegetable wraps with hummus or a tahini sauce (Greek/ Ethnic Restaurant)
  27. Vegetable Chili (American Restaurant)
  28. Tabbouleh & hummus (Greek/Ethnic Restaurant)
  29. Tofu and fried rice (Asian Restaurant)
  30. Lentils and vegetables (Most Restaurants)
  31. Vegetable Skewers (Most Restaurants)
  32. Black Bean Burger without the bun, with avocado & tomatoes (American Restaurant)
  33. Gluten-free pancakes with fresh fruit (Breakfast Restaurant)
  34. Avocado Toast with a side of soup (Most Restaurant)
  35. Baked Squash, rice and avocado (American Restaurant)
  36. Baked Portobello mushroom with potatoes (American Restaurant)
  37. Vegetable pot-stickers with a garden salad (Asian/Thai Restaurant)
  38. Tofu Curry (Asian/Thai Restaurant)
  39. Nachos with beans and vegetables, hold the cheese (Mexican Restaurant)
  40. Steamed Kale and brown rice ask for a sauce recommendation (Most Restaurants)
  41. Fried rice, no egg, extra vegetables (Asian/Thai Restaurants)
  42. Vegetable Fajitas (Mexican Restaurants)
  43. Oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit (Breakfast Restaurants)
  44. Rice pilaf with veggies (Most Restaurants)
  45. Wok-Stirred Mixed Vegetables (Asian/ Thai Restaurants)
  46. Avo-cobb-o-salad – no meat, cheese or dairy (American Restaurants)
  47. Vegetable Pad Thai (Asian/Thai Restaurants)
  48. Pita Pizza’s, no cheese (Italian Restaurants)
  49. Cooked Cauliflower and Balsamic Salad (American Restaurants)
  50. Lentil soup and brown rice (Most Restaurants)

I hope this helps, and if we forgot anything please leave it in the comments below! Cheers my friends:)

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