How do you make time for cooking you ask…. You make it fun of course!

You just read that and you’re probably thinking, huh? But it’s true. In general, we make time for things we want to do, and if something is really fun, we will make time for it.

So keep reading –  I want to show you 5 ways we make cooking fun so you can do the same…

But first, a little PSA From Peter;)



5 ways to turn up the Fun in your kitchen



1. Awesome Tools

This blog post was inspired by one of our #Sprung4Spring Challenge sponsors: Zyliss.  Their Slogan is ‘Happy Cooking’, which got us thinking… why do they say that? How does Zyliss get people cooking happy?… Their TOOLS of Course! They create tools that you really want to use.  We have the Santoku Knife from Zyliss, it’s purple, and I always want to use it because it looks cool and it’s a fun knife. I am sure you have a kitchen tool that’s fun to use, right?! If not, you should;)

2. Spotify

Ok, so if you aren’t using Spotify you are missing out!! Spotify is an online music service that gives you access to millions of songs and it’s totally free (you can pay for a premium service).  My favorite thing about Spotify… well two favorite things are: 1) You can listen to the actual song you type in and 2) You can create playlists and save them. You can also follow people, and listen to their playlists. We always turn on some good tunes before getting started in the kitchen. Some nights it’s Jack Johnson, other nights it’s more meditative with Deepak Chopra.

3. Ingredients

Use interesting ingredients! It doesn’t have to be all the time, but buy something that’s really interesting every now and again! I just bought this awesome braid of garlic, and now I am pumped to get in the kitchen and use it up! P.S this company is super interesting – the owner travels in a red school bus?!… check it out

4. Pajamas

Yes, you need pajamas for cooking… It is a fact:)  Maybe that’s just us because we go to bed really early:) But we like to change into something comfortable after work and before we start cooking.

5. Water (Or Tasty Beverages)

It gets hot in the kitchen, and you know we’re all about hydration; fill up your water bottle and have it handy. Headaches are often caused by dehydration and those are the opposite of fun;) We don’t drink water while eating because it keeps our food from digesting, so we like to hydrate really well before dinner. On the weekends we might sip something more fun like kombucha or flavored water.

6. Slow down (bonus!!)

When you take time to slow down in the kitchen, your heart rate slows as well; your body relaxes; and then, when you finally sit down to enjoy your meal, you will digest it a lot better.  It might seem like a good idea to hurry up and make dinner, eat it and then do the dishes as fast as you possibly can so you can get back to…

Work? It will be there tomorrow

TV?  There will be a replay

When you take time to cook and enjoy your meal, and have some good conversation, you relax. Let loose, because that’s where the real fun happens!

Spending time over a nice home-cooked meal, I would argue, is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your health.


So… Do you do any of these? Which ones could you add to your life? Share in the comments below.


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