We haven’t always loved the farmers markets, but we’ve reach a point where we can’t imagine life without it.

Hard to believe, right?

Our life, just 2 years ago

When Sarah and I lived in Seattle, our approach to shopping at the market set us up for failure.

Every week we would jump in the car and drive down there. Parking was always terrible, we never gave ourselves enough time and we would even go before lunch, while we were hungry. We’d always go with our hearts set on a recipe, and almost always left empty handed!


Because not only were we short on time, stressed out and hungry – but we were fixated on getting exactly what we wanted. We were destined for disappointment because we were treating the market as if it were a grocery store complete with regular hours, lots of parking and predictable products.

But as you can imagine, life is very different for us these days.

While it’s true…

The market is one more place you need to shop every week. And that takes time, no doubt.

But let’s really look at this before we just write it off, and consider all of the value you get.

The benefits of shopping at the farmers market

  • Guaranteed Fresh
    • All produce is harvested within 24 hours. This means more flavor and nutrients.
  • You’re Outside
    • This can go both ways depending on the weather, but it’s more exciting to shop outdoors regardless!
  • Other Vendors
    • Most farmers markets have other cool things like house plants, jewelry, clothing and even prepared food.
  • It’s Always New
    • With the changing seasons and turn-over of vendors, you can expect changes and improvements each time

Get started today

In the beginning, stop by your local market just one day a week. Stock up on anything you think you can use that week. If you’re struggling with what to make, ask us on our Facebook page for ideas. Or better, ask us for past recipes during our Sunday Hangouts if you’re a member.

We want to know

  1. What are your favorite things to get from the farmers market?
  2. What’s your best strategy for shopping success?

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