I told two of my clients to get their booties to the grocery store this week when they told me their fridge was empty after coming home from trips. One was there by the time we got off the phone LOL #GoGirl

But seriously.

Food plays a big part in your overall health. I’d say it’s pretty equal with emotions & mindset.

The only reason your fridge should be empty is because it’s grocery day, and you’re getting ready to go back to the store, mmk?

I love my ladies, and I want you to be healthy, so don’t be living off of take-out, freezer food, or packaged snacks… I see you.

Let’s start with 5 things I always have in my fridge, and think you should too :)

1). Lemons

One of the most detoxifying foods on the planet. If you’ve done my Morning Routine Weight Loss Mini-Course you know warm lemon water is my go-to morning drink.

I also juice these and use them on salads and bowls. If you’re trying to lose weight or feel great, all I have to say is more lemons!

2). Fresh Heads of Lettuce

The healthy women know this is where the nutrients are.

Fresh heads of lettuce go bad faster, which means you have to use them, which is what we want hehe.

This is the ideal… getting in fresh, alive, locally grown organic lettuce. If you have at least one of these in your fridge, way to go!

3). Colorful Veggies

This is how you’re going to get a wide variety of nutrients.

It doesn’t have to be every single veggie – if you’re new to a plant-based lifestyle I don’t recommend going wild at the store.

Have a plan for everything… but, get some color into your diet.

4). Aloe Vera Juice

My favorite! Fun fact: we did an Aloe Shot with Peter’s mom last night (Go, Laurie!) hehe.

Aloe Vera Juice is made from the Aloe Vera plant, and its extremely hydrating and soothing for your body.

It decreases inflammation, keeps you hydrated, and is great for an upset stomach and bloating.

I do a shot 3-6 times a week.

5). Probiotics

I’m all about the gut health, as that’s what started my health journey years ago. I had IBS, the worst stomach pain, and my digestion was a MESS!

Increasing the good bacteria in my gut has been an on-going job for the past 9 years.

Between being on antibiotics most of my childhood, growing up in an unstable home (Stress), having a parasite, and having a little bit of a sweet tooth (like Peter shared on my IG stories yesterday LOL busted!), it’s really easy to kill off the good bacteria in my body, so I need all the good stuff I can get.

Probiotics increase the good bacteria in your gut, and if you’re anything like me, we need that!

Make sure you’re switching up the brands of probiotics so you get a wide variety of bacteria.

So… how many of these do you have in your fridge?

If not any, I’m going to tell you what I told my clients…

Get your booty to the grocery store :)

Stay tuned as tomorrow I’m going to share 5 things you should never have in your fridge.

Any guesses what they’ll be?

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