This past weekend Peter and I were cleansing and it was fantastic!

You can even ask him ????

He normally isn’t the cleansing type. He doesn’t like to be hungry (can you blame him?!) and to be honest he doesn’t really need to cleanse!

When you eat really clean and live a low toxic life it’s less about cleansing and more about maintaining.

But this cleanse was different… maybe because we created it:) More on that later.

Sarah and Peter at Holy Matcha Tea Bar

Today I want to share 4 things that are part of Our 10-Day Cleanse.

Now, when you think of cleansing things like juicing might come to your mind or lemon water, or even a raw food diet.

And while all of those things are awesome and do help you cleanse, we wanted something that cleansed on multiple levels.

The purpose of cleansing is to clear the toxins that enter our bodies on multiple levels; and toxins are what contribute to all the things we want to “Take Care Of” with a cleanse, like : weight loss, skin sensitivities, bloating, constipation,  low energy and so on.

So we thought it would be nice to cleanse those toxins by, yes, juicing but also by cleansing our skin from the outside. And what about our mouth… full of nasty bacteria?

I won’t get too far into it, but today I wanted to share a few products we used this past weekend for cleansing and saw great results with!

4 Natural Cleansing Products

Aloe vera juice 2 ounces a day

1). Aloe Vera Juice

I have been singing praise on this stuff for years! Love Love Love it<3

What it is: The inner flesh of the Aloe Vera plant.

What it does: Aloe is most commonly known for its ability to hydrate skin and help with sunburns. But it can also be taken internally to help with digestion, constipation, dry skin and stiff joints. In addition to that, it’s loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

How to use it: Drink an ounce or two everyday. I like to take a shot after a heavy meal or before bed

How to make it: Make your own Aloe Juice for $3 with our Complete Tutorial Here!

Where to buy it: There are so many aloe products on the shelves these days and most of them have added preservatives, fruit juice or sugar. Look for Pure Aloe Vera. Our all-time favorite brand is Lily of the Desert:) But Lakewood is a good option as well!

Dry brushing - brush towards your heart

2). Dry Brushing

Dear Kris Carr I love you:) I learned about this 4 years go in Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet.

What it is: Brushing your skin with a sponge or natural bristle brush like this one before getting in the shower with no water.

What it does: Bring oxygen to the skin, removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of cellulite, creates brighter skin!

How to do it: Before jumping in the shower, give your body a good brush. Start at the feet and work your way up, go in circular motions and work towards the heart. Then hop in the shower. I do this 2-3 times a week but you could do it everyday.

Bentonite clay is a gift from the earth

3). Bentonite Clay

I had the craziest skin rash last summer and was bathing in this stuff on the daily!

What it is: A super powerful clay made from volcanic ash… straight from the earth!

What it does: Pulls toxins from the skin, unclogs pores, removes dirt and dead skin, helps with fungal infections, inflamed skin.

How to use it: Mix equal parts clay and water, say 2 Tbsp. clay and 2 Tbsp. water and stir. Apply thick layer to skin and allow to sit on skin for 5-10 minutes. Can go longer if skin doesn’t irritate easily. Wash off and look beautiful.

Coconut oil for oil pulling

4). Oil Pulling

My dentist recommends this… how cool is that?!

What it is:  Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic method that has been used for cleansing. It’s basically Swishing around high quality oil in your mouth, then spitting it out.

What it does: Removes bacteria, toxins, fights gum disease, removes plague.

How to do it: Floss.Then scoop out 1/2 a Tbsp. coconut oil and place in mouth, swish for up to 20 minutes (we started with 5 minutes and are working our way up).  Spit out in garbage and then rinse mouth. Then brush. Do not swallow oil as it is full of bacteria!

* Oil pulling is sooo amazing, and I highly recommend trying this since the mouth is the gateway for bacteria into your body and it’s so important to take care of that!!!

*We like having separate oil for oil pulling we keep in our bathroom cabinet… that way no food gets in it.  

Other cleansing products we like:

Peppermint Tea: Perfect as an after dinner tea.

Dark Chocolate: Yes our cleanse includes dark chocolate (70%or higher).

So what do you say, come cleanse with us?

Get cleansing

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    6 replies to "4 Natural Cleansing Products"

    • Olivia Lane

      I have to try this clay! Thanks!!!! <3

      • Sarah

        Hey Girl! Yes try the clay and let us know what you think;)

    • Laurel

      Just ordered the clay from amazon. I can’t stand oil pulling. I know it’s good for y ou, but after a couple of minutes it’s like swishing spit. yuck!

      • Sarah

        Hi Laurel,

        I hear ya about the oil pulling, I struggled the first few times, but I got past it… Maybe give it another go:)

        The clay is really amazing, it does tighten a little on your skin so don’t freak out when that happens…speaking from experience!

    • rika@vm

      Great cleansing tips! Doing a cleanse with a loved one is pretty fun, but we’ve decided not to do cleanses anymore and started making light raw dishes instead. Interesting clay mask product – I’ve tried several clay masks, but didn’t like the fact they dried my skin out – thanks for the suggestion perhaps I will give this product a try!

      • Sarah

        Hey Rika!
        We are with you, we don’t cleanse as much as we probably should have back in the day when we didn’t think twice about 4th meal:) Now we try to eat pretty clean the majority of the time. OK I must say this clay does dry out my skin but it also removes alot of skin issues I have had in the past, I always put coconut oil mixed with lotion on after. Hope that helps & thanks for the comment:)

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