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Today’s post is not about food or health really, its’ about me. You see, this Thursday, Peter and I are launching our Podcast, The Health Beet, and for the first time (in the realm of putting something online) I’m a little nervous.

I question: is it good enough? Will it be perceived well? Should I just wait a little longer, until it’s perfect? But I know the best way to improve is to get started. So, this Thursday we’ll have 5 episodes up on iTunes for you to check out, and I hope you do.

Nerves aside, I’m really excited about this podcast, it will allow you to get to know Peter and myself a little better. I don’t know if you listen to podcasts, but I do, and I feel like I know other podcasters, even though I’ve never met them. I think that’s my favorite thing about them.

In writing, personality can get lost, or it’s just too long to write out the entire story you want to tell.  Since we’ll be getting real on Thursday via the podcast, I thought it would be good practice to get real on the blog today.

So today, I’m sharing 26 things I’ve never told you.

(If you end up liking this post, we will have Peter do one next!)

Here we go….

1). I’m an only child, and always wanted brothers and sisters!! My parents had me when they were really young, and I had a really rough childhood. I know it was for the best that it was only me, but I always wanted a little sister and brother.

2). I’m extremely strong willed. I hate quitting or giving up.

3). I’ve only broken one bone in my body: My finger. It got stuck in a large door when I was 9 years old, I thought I was going to lose that finger.

4). I love cheesy jokes. I have a very childish sense of humor. Bring on the Knock Knock jokes!

5). When I first switched to a vegan diet, I wasn’t a big animal activist. I would say vegan for health. But now I’m just as much vegan for the animals as I am for my health and the planet.

6). I grew up with a big part of my family being Hispanic, meaning I ate a lot of Mexican food as a child. I think that’s why I love spicy food, can eat more tacos than most, and can never pass on tortilla chips and salsa.

7). I’m seriously afraid of heights. I always complain and whine when on a new hike with high points. Peter always helps me get down, safely, where I then say to myself “that wasn’t so bad”. Until the next time when I’m freaking out.

8). I’m also afraid of rattle snakes. I never thought twice about them until moving to San Diego. I’ve only seen 1 on a trail but I swear hikers love saying, “watch out for rattle snakes” every time we go hiking. Once it’s in my head I can’t stop thinking about them.

9). I love living in San Diego. I spent most of my life freezing in Seattle. I get cold super easy and Seattle was just too wet and cold for me. In high school I would always tell me mom I was going to move to California one day so I could wear flip flops all year round. I still can’t believe I’m actually doing that!

10). I used to work at Whole Foods Market, and I loved it. I still love Whole Foods Market. I think it’s so odd how many people despise the store. I have nothing but good things to say about the company.

11). I want to live abroad for at least a year. And I’ve got my eye on Australia.

12). When I dream about our next home, the first thing that comes to mind is 2 sinks in the kitchen. Every night we fight for the sink. Peter will be doing dishes and I’ll want to wash produce or get the sponge cleaned… it’s so frustrating. We would save so much time if we had 2 sinks! I can’t wait.

13). I loved college. I went to the University of Washington and took so many amazing classes. Although I’m not using my degree, and I wouldn’t recommend a traditional university to most, but I personally loved college.

14). While on the topic of love, I love The Seasonal Diet and the community we have. It’s still in its early stages but we work our butts off creating, tweaking and pouring love into it. I know it’s going to take off and I’m going to smile so big and most likely cry on that day.

15). I’m so happy to be alive at this time. Gary Vaynerchuk made this video (it contains little bad language, usually not my style but I do love Gary Vee, I can’t explain it!) which totally captures how I feel about being alive in this exact moment. I love all of the possibilities the internet gives us. I love that we can create the life of our dreams based on our strengths and interests.

16). I use to hate black olives. As a kid I ate way too many of them. But just recently tried one just for the heck of it and It was like the day we met. I think they’re best on pizza and in tacos. Peter still prefers the Greek variety.

17). I haven’t worn makeup in 4 years and I don’t think I ever will again. I stopped when I realized the makeup I was using was toxic. Now there are so many all-natural, eco brands, but I love how simple it is to get ready in the morning. My skin has greatly improved since stopping, and I’ll probably never go back.

18). I use to be a Barista and loved it. Peter says I was ‘in my element’ and I know what he means. I loved chatting with strangers about their lives and creating fun beverages. I think it’s helped me in my recipe development. I don’t miss the smell of coffee on my clothes, spilled milk, flooded coffee stands or waking up at 4am.

19). I want a shirt that says: I just want to drink green juice, run on the beach, work on my online business, create products that people like/find useful and eat dark chocolate every day. If that existed I’d buy it.

20). On our first date, Peter and I rode on a giant duck. At the time I had no idea how fitting it was; totally silly, just like us.

21). I’m not a big fan of shopping, but one store I’m always down to visit is Anthropologie. The clothes, the home goods, the design and the layout of the store… gets me every time. It really gets my creative juices flowing. I’d love to meet the team behind that company!

22). Most of my friends come from the most solid families; ones that have welcomed me in and treat me like I’m part of their family. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I hope to create a family like that when I have kids.

23). We have a Red Rubbermaid Cooler in our living room at all times… when we got rid of our furniture, we turned our living room into work space/yoga space and we use the cooler as a table to watch yoga videos on our laptops. We keep it very classy around here. Maybe we should keep the cooler stocked with green juice… now that’s an idea.

24). I eat honey. Vegans that eat honey, it’s a thing. Not that I love labeling myself, but once I posted in a Vegan group about a chocolate Peter and I had bought. It totally had honey in it and well it didn’t go over so well. I wasn’t really thinking, I was just trying to help. So, now I’m a little self-conscious about telling people we eat honey… but it’s out now!

25). Peter and I are always setting timers. We could just talk and talk for hours, or work and work for hours. So we use timers a lot to keep us on track and on schedule.

26). I love looking at recipes. You may have guessed that. But all forms & types of recipes; in books, online, magazines, at restaurants.  Healthy, “un-healthy”, raw, vegan… I’m completely fascinated with food and flavor combinations!

WOWZA I made it and you made it. Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this.

If you resonated with it, make sure you subscribe to get our first podcast episode when it comes out tomorrow! We will be keeping it real on The Health Beet!

*Thanks to Corbett Barr over at Fizzle, for inspiring this post!

Now I’d love to hear from you, share with me, what’s one thing most people don’t know about you?!

    6 replies to "26 Things I Never Told You"

    • Darin

      Little known fun fact about me: I was born with a tooth! And my sisters totally thought I could eat fruit loops because of this. Ha!

      • sarah

        Darin Thats crazy! I bet your parents weren’t a fan of fruit loops as a baby! That’s awesome thanks for sharing:)))

    • Olivia Lane

      Sarah, this is my favorite post so far! It’s really nice to get to know you better. You are awesome!

      We have a lot in common. I’m totally afraid of heights. When Richard and I went on a hiking vacation in The Rockies I would take pictures without looking out at the view.

      What is it with CA people and snakes? When we visited LA and went for a hike that’s all any passerby could talk about. “Watch out for snakes.” That should be the state motto. LOL!

    • Michele

      Your post made me smile :). Thanks for sharing and being so transparent! And I love Anthropologie too!!!!

      One thing not many know about me — I am a crazy mega football fan, have played in a fantasy football league since 1989 :).

    • Christiana

      GAH! I LOVE SARAH so I can’t wait to hear about Peter too lol. I am super excited listening to the “why to wake up early” podcast right now. I love to sleep til 7 but my husband has been waking at 6:15 and I do get a lot more done… I sometimes just read or meditate bc that helps me relax and also helps me wake up in a way… or other mornings I hit the trail or meet up with a gym buddy. We now have a puppy so I always want to walk him first thing and then cuddle with him and a blanket and lemon water/tea while I diffuse some E. O!! I have almost always been a morning gym rat because if I DON’T get it done in the AM it will never happen. By the time I get off work I’m hungry or I’m ready for a walk around the block or a mental down time (book/mindless tv that makes me laugh/snuggles with the puppy!)

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