Health Tips for creative entrerpreneurs

As an Entrepreneur your To Do List is long, your Inbox is full and your Time…

A little sparse.

Without the extra time it’s easy to let your health fall by the wayside.

The thing is, busy entrepreneurs are making time for health every day. Just this year Gary Vaynerchuk mentioned that his health was the one thing he wished he’d focused on more earlier in his career.  Now he’s committed to working out every single day.

Tony Robbins is always sharing how he stays healthy with alkaline water and cold baths, even Deepak Chopra finds time to meditate every day.

If these busy entrepreneurs can find time, you can too.

Since Peter and I have already shared our best tips for busy entrepreneurs in our Free Healthy Lunch Guide for Entrepreneurs – we thought we’d ask fellow bosses to share some of their secret tips, simple things they implement that help them feel energized & productive all day long.

Below you’ll see that a healthy lifestyle can be accomplished in a wide variety of ways.

Health Tips from 22 Online Entrepreneurs

“You may hear me talk a lot about my coffee addiction…but truth be told you will rarely find me without a glass or water bottle by my side.” Jaclyn Mellon

I sleep–as late as I want, as often as I need to. As a writer, if my brain isn’t working, I’ve got nothing. Even a 20 minute nap can help me hit a higher gear. Brittany Taylor

I do yoga and hoop after! Yoga helps correct my posture after looking at a computer all day. It also helps me clear my mind and reduce the stressful things plaguing me that day.  Rachel Leung

To fill up, I speak my ‘Truth Statement’ out loud to renew my mind with the truth in who I am. I put up a large poster right in front of my computer that is my personal ‘Truth Statement’ about myself. It says “I am a Worthy, Capable, Kick Ass Intentional Woman!”. Heidi Hennessy

I spend time outside. It is the easiest place for me to be mindful. I can appreciate nature exactly as it is, and that brings me peace. Amrie DeFrates

I spend time everyday meditating. Sometimes its a restorative 30 minutes, while other days I make sure to at least get in a quick 5 min before I jump in the shower. Amy Kuretsky

I use every morning to improve my body and my mind. Each morning I go for a walk or bike ride depending on the weather. While working out, I listen to business books to stay updated on the latest industry trends and management techniques. After my workout, I have a fruit and vegetable smoothie for breakfast and take a shower. During my shower, I think about my goals and the day ahead. All of this leaves me fit, focused and full of energy by the time I get to work. Vladimir Gendelman

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my chiropractor – that is the one thing I do weekly to make sure my body stays in peak wellness! Jamie Samples

Working out, and escaping to nature! In the last year or so I’ve fallen in love with the gym as my place to escape work + destress + push myself in different ways — other than just work/biz.  Sian Richardson

My professional level dance classes. As a dance teacher, I’m constantly dancing and teaching and choreographing and focusing on other’s dancing but letting myself take classes allows me to remind myself of the passion I have for dancing and the artist in me. Robyn Lindsey

I either kick box/walk my dog/ or do crossfit every day. It took years to maintain my schedule but now at 6:00 every day I stop to take an hour for myself and move my body after sitting at a computer every day! Angela Wingard

I started running again. It’s something I haven’t done in YEARS, and it’s totally saving me. Also, eating well. When I cook my own food and eat good stuff, it makes a world of difference. Kat Selvocki

I just started exercising, period.  My favourite is walking – early summer (here in South Africa) morning before the rest the world really wakes up and starts moving around on the streets of Johannesburg…love it. Palesa Motanyane

Making green smoothies for breakfast (I bulk make them twice a week) has given me so much more energy. Maggie Giele

I do what is EASY & SIMPLE. Lyda Borgsteijn

Write the ‘me-time’ into the calendar. Noémi Máté 

Get up, SHOWER, and get dressed. Take care of your self care. While there is always room for us to work in our jammies all day, make that the exception. Mae Larivee Updegraff 

Take time to sit down and enjoy lunchtime… i used to make a quick meal or grab a snack and head right back to my desk on the computer doing work stuff or eating in between creating. instead, i now take time to sit down and my meal/snack while enjoying the silence while reading a book, magazine or newspaper. it has been rewarding. Cindy M Liebel

Add an appointment on my calendar to “start dinner”. I was finding that I got sucked into work until late and then by 7pm would be like, holy crap, I never took anything out for dinner, and the next thing I know we are eating at 9pm/10pm. It’s a small thing, but seems to be working to help me stop work, get dinner started to cook a healthy meal and eat at a reasonable hour. Monica Miller 

If you can manage it, go to an early workout class. I go to yoga every morning at 6:45 am and it allows me to start my day in a more awake, mindful way. It is also sometimes the only time of day I leave the house, because I work from home, so it is vital for my sanity as well. Allison Celenza Krosnick

I’ve set things up so I get a bit of mandatory exercise every day. I have a pretty busy Etsy shop. I need to print a shipping label and receipt for every order. I purposely keep my printer on a different level of the house than my work room, so I have to take the stairs each time I have an order. Kelley Bren Burke

I make time for “laugh therapy”. It’s basically laughing my booty off while watching something hilarious. They say that laughter is the best form of medicine. Danielle Falk

It’s safe to say we can all take a note from this post and start building routines that work for us. Whether that’s a yoga class first thing in the morning, getting out in nature more often or simply setting a timer to start dinner.

All paths to better health begin with a single action.

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