21 day sdsummer challenge

It’s here! It’s FINALLY Here!!!

The Summer Challenge Packet is now ready for download (read on to see where to download).

We just finished creating this baby and found ourselves saying… “Wow. Now THIS is going to be our best challenge ever!”

Last season’s challenge packet was short, sweet and easy to print. But, this season’s was designed equally for looks and print-ability – whichever serves you best.

Personally, we like to double-side print it and then mark which days we complete so it’s easy to keep track. Although, last challenge we heard a few people mention they like to keep a word doc to track which ones they do. The choice is yours:)

So here it is…

The #SDSUMMER Challenge Packet    (click to view)



One thing you’re going to notice is our option to make recipes from the Summer Recipe Bundle. If haven’t gotten yours yet, click here to go check it out.

Last season we only offered it to SD Members, so hopefully this helps you out this time around.

One more thing I want to mention…

Use this challenge to jumpstart your summer!

challenge snapshot - frame

In this challenge you’re going to find so many great opportunities to get out, hang with friends and make some super healthy meals, snacks, desserts and tasty bevs! (Whew, that was a mouthful!)

challenge snapshot 2 - frame

Seriously, we’re just days away from Summer here – so go get planning and let’s have some fun together:)

Get Started Now:

  • Step #1 – Print it out  (only a couple clicks away…)
  • Step #2 – Start planning your summer, recipes and how you’re gonna make this work!

Leave a comment below, What challenge task are YOU looking forward to most?

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