What is a Tastemaker, and when do you become one?

What Is A Tastemaker

So you’ve joined The Seasonal Diet [The SD]… welcome! (or maybe you’re still on the fence and just curious, that’s great too!)

Now that we’ve launched The SD, we need to cover something very important. If you’ve noticed, we’re calling our members ‘Tastemakers’. Yes, they are preparing some of the most delicious dishes in the world – but there’s a secondary meaning as well.

What is a Tastemaker, and when do you become one?

Old Definition of Tastemaker:

“A person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable”

When I first learned about this word, I just about fell off my chair. It was an absolute perfect fit for the members of this community. This is essentially the game changer for healthy eating. When organic & clean food becomes fashionable and trendy, things will really change (can a guy just get an organic gluten-free burrito around here?). This is what’s going to make a difference in how our society perceives food.

We wanted to rework the definition a bit though, so it fits the overall goal and aspiration of The SD.

The New Definition of Tastemaker:

“Someone improving their diet and life while inspiring others to do the same”




This is what being a member of The SD is all about. Eating super healthy and setting an example for others to do the same. Backed by our online community, our members are not alone in changing (or improving, rather) their diet.


And when you’re showing your friends and family how great you feel and how delicious and exciting this new lifestyle is, there’s an abundance of support that takes shape.


Your friends and family will have your back – and that’s a huge success! If not, no worries, not all families are ready to support you yet; at this point you can fall back on us and your fellow SD Tastemakers.

Who makes a great Tastemaker?

  • Those who are strong
  • Those who are ready to become strong and confident
  • Those who are just starting to eat healthier
  • Those who have mastered healthy eating
  • Anyone who believes they matter
  • Those who are influential (parents, teachers, leaders, etc.)

So you’ve joined The SD, now you’re a Tastemaker…?

When do you really become a Tastemaker?

The moment you shift others’ attitudes about healthy eating – you might not even know it! Eating healthy in the dark, keeping it a secret, and feeling embarrassed, won’t make you a Tastemaker. Heck, joining The Seasonal Diet doesn’t necessarily make you one. You define it; you create it; you choose what that looks like.

How does that look?

  • Bringing a green juice to a co-worker (like the Glow N’ Go, Pg. 65 SD)
  • Facebook share of The SD with your cousin
  • Bringing a healthy dish to a family gathering like Easter or Thanksgiving (try the Holiday Sprouts, Pg. 107 SD)
  • Making Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips for your boyfriend (Pg. 147 SD)
  • Preparing your own food while traveling with friends and family
  • Making your wife a delicious green smoothie (like the Fruity Pebble Smoothie, Pg. 67 SD)
  • Driving your mom to the farmers market, shopping for ingredients and preparing lunch together afterwards

Why is this Tastemaker business such a big deal?

You have more influence than you probably give yourself credit for. You’re just as much of as a role model as anyone else, Sarah and myself included. When you show those around you how you live and eat, they take note. After a while they might even ask you what’s new with your diet – subtly, probably – but that’s how it starts.

By continuing to move confidently through your life, you’ll see a gradual shift that takes place. Naturally, you’ll be surrounded by those who support you; you might also find that the ones who didn’t stand by your side, or believe in you, are no longer on your inner circle.


Be the change you wish to see in ‘Your’ world

Become a Tastemaker


Share your accomplishments with us and tag #Tastemaker on social media!

Thanks for reading and thanks for inspiring us and your fellow Tastemakers to lead the way to a healthier, happier and more harmonious world.




  • Francesca

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    Great job…. I love the concept

    • Peter

      Reply Reply March 26, 2014

      Thanks Francesca, we do too!!

  • Christiana

    Reply Reply April 9, 2014

    You guys. These guys. So cute! Love it. I wanna be a #tastemaker ! I am a foodie who loves #foodporn and learning presentation. If it looks and smells good, I will eat it. I work out to eat and run to eat, so why not fuel my body with delicious earthy goodness?! And with cute people like you helping me it’s actually doable!:)

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