Welcome to the Seasonal Diet, run by us, Sarah & Peter!

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There are many things to focus on when trying to get healthy, but there’s one thing NO ONE is actually talking about.

That thing is Seasonal Produce!

Eating with the seasons is the smartest thing you can do for your body, hands down. Here’s why it’s so important…

  • The fresher the produce, the more nutritional benefit to you (antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, etc.)
  • The more nutrients you get, the FASTER you’ll get health results (i.e. increasing your energy, detoxifying your system, boosting your metabolism and clearing your pores)
  • The sooner you SEE & FEEL the results, the more likely you’ll be to stick with it!

We didn’t invent the “Seasonal” diet, nature did, but we’ve learned from years of mistakes on how to do it quickly, deliciously, and with the biggest impact to your health.

Let us show you how simple it is…

Steps to Get Started Right Now

#1 – Download The 7-Day Seasonal Eating Plan

Use this week-long meal plan to boost your efforts with increasing your energy, clearing up your skin and improving digestion. We’ve included 7 days worth of recipes which tell you exactly what to eat and when!

#2 – Join Our Facebook Group

Once you’re signed up for the Spring Recipe Bundle, you should join our free community on Facebook: The Seasonal Diet Life-Stylers. This group is designed to…

  • Give YOU a space to discuss all things health & wellness.
  • Help surround yourself with people on similar paths OR who have “been there” before.
  • Give quick response to any questions you have about living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide the “Super Driven” a space to create & maintain their next healthy habit.
  • Give you a behind the scenes look at how we lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Get special recipes, not shared anywhere else.

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