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Okay, Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a little bias as JR’S holds a place in my heart.

When we first moved to San Diego In October, Peter and I knew we wanted to get involved with the awesome Farm to Table movement.

A Look At North Park Farmers Market (FMR)


We wanted to share this new series we are creating: FMR (Farmers Market Review), I don’t know if you noticed but there are a lot of farmers markets out there!

Here in San Diego, I can name 20 off the

The Pursuit of Healthiness


This Real Food Story comes from Cooking With CSA’S very own Peter Hagstrom…

* * * *

When I think of my Real Food Story, I think back to when I radically changed my diet.

It felt like the worst possible

No More Steak and Potatoes for This Girl….


This Real Food Story comes from a long time follower and now member of our Seasonal Recipe Subscription. Her name is Stacey originally from Indiana but transplanted to San Diego a few years ago. Here is

Intro to Real Food Stories


Hello and welcome!

For those of you I don’t know I want to introduce myself, my name is Sarah and I am the owner of Cooking With CSA along with my fiancee Peter.

You can learn more about the company

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