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A Look At North Park Farmers Market (FMR)


We wanted to share this new series we are creating: FMR (Farmers Market Review), I don’t know if you noticed but there are a lot of farmers markets out there!

Here in San Diego, I can name 20 off the

The Pursuit of Healthiness


This Real Food Story comes from Cooking With CSA’S very own Peter Hagstrom…

* * * *

When I think of my Real Food Story, I think back to when I radically changed my diet.

It felt like the worst possible

No More Steak and Potatoes for This Girl….


This Real Food Story comes from a long time follower and now member of our Seasonal Recipe Subscription. Her name is Stacey originally from Indiana but transplanted to San Diego a few years ago. Here is

Intro to Real Food Stories


Hello and welcome!

For those of you I don’t know I want to introduce myself, my name is Sarah and I am the owner of Cooking With CSA along with my fiancee Peter.

You can learn more about the company

ELS W4: How to Eat Less Sugar at Parties & Events

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sugar at parties

There’s no doubt about it – sugar is a celebratory food. Cake, sweet cocktails, candy dishes and desserts.

For the sake of this article, let’s just say the main course is fine. You’re cool with it and there isn’t any marshmallows in the fruit salad.

Now, for dessert, there’s a couple options here…

  1. Eat Less Sugar
  2. Eat None

Option #1 – Eat Less Sugar

Okay, so we’re trying to reduce how much we eat, but not cut it out completely. There’s 2 routes you can take…


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