Good Sugar, Bad Sugar – is there such a thing?

A while back we watched a documentary called Hungry For Change. It revealed a lot of stuff about sugar that we didn’t know yet. It hit home {to say the least} and we found ourselves throwing away anything and everything with ‘extra’ sugar in it. Barbeque sauce, honey, molasses, agave, etc. And for the following couple months we obsessed about not eating too much fruit and never settling for something with ‘Evaporated Cane Juice’ in it.

These days the shell-shock of watching the movie has worn off and we’ve reintroduced some of that sugar back into our lives. Except this time we’ve met halfway with where we used to be, and we’re now consuming about half that amount we originally were. We almost never buy products that have ‘sugar’ written on the label. But occasionally we’ll treat ourselves to something with Evaporated Cane Juice.

Reducing the amount of sugar in our diets has had tremendous benefits. It’s allowed us to stay lean and keeps our energy levels high – that’s what eating good is all about – feeling your absolute greatest!



We’d like to know

  1. What sugars you use
  2. Which ones you won’t
  3. What types that you’re on the fence about