Having Trouble Being Consistent with a Healthy Lifestyle?

It’s time to challenge yourself to get healthy, but this time, let us support you along the way.

Ever feel like you aren’t good enough (or strong enough) to stick with a healthy diet?

Do you beat yourself up after falling back into old food habits?

Aren’t sure what’s healthy, or which foods you should be eating?

Tired of self-sabotaging, making progress only to take 2 steps backwards?

Why live like that when you can feel amazing, free & confident?

Imagine Feeling AMAZING - Eating more vegetables, drinking more water, exercising more, pooping more!

Imagine Feeling FREE - No longer carrying around extra weight, or dealing with exhaustion!

Imagine Feeling CONFIDENT - You’re finally consistently & continuously inspired. You love your healthy lifestyle, and can’t imagine ever going back.

Does this sound like the lifestyle you desire?

Good, because this Mastermind is dedicated to helping you reach your biggest health goals!

We know you want to be healthy, but it’s hard. Life gets in the way, and sometimes you just don’t know WHAT to start with, or HOW to make the time.

In this Mastermind, you'll get...

1).  Support to Stick with Healthy Eating - Our community will help you do the work, even when you don’t feel like it. Not only will you have help from us every day, but others doing the same work as you.

2).  A Simple Plan So You Know Exactly What to Do - We provide a roadmap to help lead you from where you are, to where you want to be. And, we offer monthly challenges to help you continue to grow.

3).  Inspiration to Stick with a Healthy Lifestyle Long-Term  - This is a way for you to get excited about healthy eating. We share new recipes and training's each week, so if you thought eating healthy was boring, you're in for a real treat!

This Mastermind will give you the tools

to finally achieve a healthy diet!


Invest in Yourself & Get Healthy for Good!

7 Day Trial, Then $49/ Month

* No additional joining fee, and you can cancel at any time.


We’re Sarah & Peter,

The tag team couple behind The Seasonal Diet.

We’ve been living a healthy lifestyle that we love for the past 7 years. When we learned how to take full responsibility for our health, and fuel our bodies with the right foods, it gave us the energy and confidence we needed to live the life we always wanted.

We created this Mastermind to help you do the same thing. We know how hard it can be to make these changes, but we also know it can be done if you have a good support team, and the right tools in your toolbelt. That’s what we want to give you.

You deserve to be just as healthy and happy as us!


Roadmap to Success

This roadmap will help you achieve your health goal faster than ever before. Just complete the 3 stages, and follow the 12 steps, and you’ll never wonder what you should be working on. Also included in this Roadmap: dietary improvements, mindset exercises & books, workout plan and ongoing check-ins to make sure you stay on track and keep working toward your goals.

The Consistent Meal Planner's Kit ($49)

This 4-part course will transform you into a regular meal planner. The modules included are Mindset, Time Saving Tips, Meal Planning Process & Essentials, and How to Maximize Your Fresh Produce. It's a combination of short videos, articles, printables & exercises - all easy to access/implement.

Skin Mastery Kit  ($47 Value)

This kit will help you build healthy, glowing skin, from the inside out. Includes 15 Healthy Skin Recipes, DIY Facial Recipes, Skin Solution Guide, Skin Treatment Plan From Master Esthetician, Recorded Q&A Session With Master Esthetician, and Our List of the Best Organic & Natural Beauty Brands/Products.

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Invest in Yourself & Get Healthy for Good!

7 Day Trial, Then $49/ Month

* No additional joining fee, and you can cancel at any time.


We can't wait to help you reach your goals by solving problems & improving your health every week!

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