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Were you thinking about joining The Digestion & Weight Loss Connection?

But weren't 100% sure? Maybe it was the price; maybe it was the fact that you just need a simple plan to follow?

Well, if so you're going to LOVE the self-study option!

This would be perfect for you if you're a go-getter, you have a strong work ethic, and you need some guidance on what to do and when. 

What's included in the self-study?

It includes everything we create for the program, accessible through our online portal.

At the beginning of each month you'll get an email from us introducing the next module, which will be full of videos, guides, recipes & resources to help you end your stomach pain and come into your ideal weight.

*The self-study does not include any 1:1 or group coaching

Why Join?

Answers, Freedom, Time, Confidence, Your Health.

NO MORE cutting out foods, only to realize you have no clue what you’re doing, or what to eat.

NO MORE feeling self-conscious in public because you've put on weight, we're going to help you lose it and keep your journey enjoyable.

This program is perfect if you want answers for things like:

- How can I lose weight and reach my ideal weight?
- How do I pinpoint the food causing me pain?
- Why does it hurt sometimes, but not others?
- Why am I always bloated?
- Why am I constipated?
- I feel overwhelmed, where do I start?
- I have no help, and am doing this all on my own!
- If I cut everything out, what will I eat?
- How much should I be eating?
- What can I eat instead of the junk food I'm used to?!

All 6 modules included in the self study program option:

Special bonuses included

WEIGHT LOSS AND ENERGY TRAINING ($59 Value) - This is an audio training of the top 20 things you can do right away to start losing weight and increasing your energy. It also comes with a written copy of the training, along with healthy recipes.

THE HEALTHY DIGESTION TRAVEL TOOLKIT ($25 Value) - Healthy foods/tools for when traveling and your stomach acts up. Travel checklist - for in case you have a trip coming up before the program and want to get started.

MYSTERY BONUS #1 ($$$ Value) - All we're going to say about this one is OMG it's so good. And, it will help you in the kitchen and at the grocery store 🙂

MYSTERY BONUS #2 ($$$ Value) - And this will be so helpful if you sometimes feel overwhelmed and need extra time and bit size nuggets.


Includes All 6 Modules & Program Resources, Plus...

+ $59 Weight Loss & Energy Training

+ $25 Healthy Digestion Travel Toolkit

+ Mystery Bonus #1

+ Mystery Bonus #2

Yes, I'm In!$197

48 Hour Flash Sale: Reserve Your Course Now

You can also send your questions directly to Sarah at sarah@theseasonaldiet.com.

Nice Words From Past Clients 🙂

"You do not have a one size fits all program. To be honest, I expected you to tell me more "what not to do," such as don't eat meat, don't eat gluten, don't eat cheese, don't drink alcohol, etc. But you are so open to lifestyles different than your own, and you emphasize personal balance. I was so refreshed to learn that! Also, you were prepared for each meeting, despite my late submissions of each pre-call form, and you adjusted your education to meet my daily needs. On a personal note, I didn't expect to enjoy salads. But I do! Once I saw and felt the benefits, and the ease of preparation, I became a salad convert. Would I recommend working with Sarah? YES! ASAP! She is phenomenal, and you will love her!" ~Christina T.

"Thank you again for giving me the tools and encouragement to change my family's and my life for the better. You've been a huge encouragement in this journey and I feel very blessed." ~Gigi B.

"I haven't told you this yet, but I finally weighed myself and lost 19 lbs! Still more to lose but honestly that mixed with how I feel about myself have, been the most exciting moments of my experience! I loved how down to earth you were and how supportive you were in everything and calling me out when you knew something was up lol. My weight and my skin problems have improved drastically! This was an amazing program, and I'm so glad I made the decision that I did! Sarah is the best accountability partner and coach I've ever worked with, and if you put in the work you will not be disappointed!" ~Savannah D.

"My favorite part was the support, having the weekly calls and unlimited Facebook Messenger support. As for results, I've broken my plateau finally, and I've cut the junk food finally!! Sarah is very knowledgeable and friendly, and she really helped me! You are turning me into a hippy Sarah, and I feel fabulous!!" ~Melissa B.


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Yes, I'm In!$197

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