The Seasonal Diet was started by us, Sarah & Peter, and this is our story…

We’re a young couple, extremely passionate about helping you and anyone else who wants to hop on-board with a healthy lifestyle. But it didn’t start out that way…

We grew up eating the Standard American Diet and we thought we were perfectly healthy. That was until Sarah started having stomach problems in college. She finally went to the doctor and was told she could be allergic to gluten, and before the test results came back she decided gluten was out. That was in 2010 and let us tell you, gluten is in everything and there wasn’t as many gluten-free options as there are today. Since Sarah was off gluten, Peter was off too!

Picture us, two 21 year-old students with a limited budget living the college lifestyle and cutting out all gluten, including beer… well, we did it! And we felt amazing!

The test results came back and Sarah was not allergic to gluten… go figure!  But we’ve been gluten-free ever since and could not be happier!!!

After cutting out gluten Peter started watching documentaries and really digging deep into the motto “You are what you eat”. He started running and wanted to figure out the best diet to fuel his body. He stumbled upon the documentary Food Matters and it really spoke to him. He bought a copy and shared it with Sarah – she felt exactly the same way. Being the extremely driven couple we are, we immediately cut out all animal products, alcohol and coffee… we both lost about 20 pounds (We didn’t even think we had 20 pounds to lose!) and felt a huge increase in energy… score!

We stuck to this new lifestyle and realized we were in the minority. No one around us had been successful at changing their diet so dramatically, or, they were totally unaware of the benefits of a plant-based, whole food diet. It wasn’t very popular and no one thought giving up that cheeseburger they had grown to love was going to be a fun experience.

We knew we wanted to change that and knew we could help, so we got to work.

First we created The Healthetarians, a nonprofit dedicated to educating kids, inspiring teens and empowering young adults to take responsibility for their health. We wanted to show younger generations how fun eating healthy could be. We wanted to start off with younger generations. We thought of all the things we could have accomplished if we knew about healthy eating at a younger age and we wanted to give kids that opportunity. We started teaching plant-based cooking classes in San Diego elementary schools.

We’re not going to lie… it was hard! Armed with Kale Juice, Collard Wraps and Quinoa Salad we got some strange looks. But they eventually embraced it. Kids that only ate white pasta, were asking for kale juice by the end of the program – I kid you not! The classes were great, but as time went on we had more and more parents coming to us asking for recipes and support because they did not know how to make our Sunshine Salad, or our Silly Cucumber Kale Juice. They had no idea where to buy these products or how to cook them.

We quickly realized that if kids were asking for healthy options but parents didn’t have the resources to make them… healthy eating couldn’t happen!

Thus The Seasonal Diet was Born. We want to help provide resources for those interested in getting healthy and staying healthy.

 The Seasonal Diet is a way of eating that is natural, simple and flows with ease. It lays out the exact steps we took to change our diet and gives you the information and tools you need to be successful. It also contains 180 all-season, plant-based, gluten-free recipes.

We also provide healthy programs within The SD, that focus on Mediation, Exercise, Eating Less Sugar, Cutting out Gluten and Dairy. The 3o day programs will help you stay motivated and inspired to cook and maintain a healthy lifestyle all year long.

We live and breathe healthy eating! Sarah would probably live in Whole Foods if they would let her. Peter is very passionate about getting people to cook, and even though it’s not his favorite thing to do, he’s enthusiastic about its importance.

We also love running, yoga and putting on great events with lots of delicious food.

And the sun… we are big sunshine worshipers!

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Keeping You Healthy,

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