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The SD Guide to Meditation


how to meditate

What is Meditation?

The definition is to…

“think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation”

Sarah and I mostly use it to relax, but it can also be used to build energy or to build connection with the divine. We aren’t too spiritual around this household, but it’s been fun to get into:)


8 Vegan Holiday Cookie Recipes + a Cookie Giveaway!


vegan and gluten free cookie recipes

Happy Holiday Cookie Season!

I’m sure you’re familiar with The Cookie Exchange? Yes:)

Well when you follow a vegan & gluten-free diet, it’s extremely hard to go to a cookie exchange unless it’s a “gluten-free + vegan cookie exchange” that is:) Even then though, the cookies aren’t always the healthiest.


Secret Trip to New Mexico (+ A Giveaway)


So as some of you may have heard, we ended up postponing our trip to Australia, it’s a long story but was just too much for us right after the wedding and right before the holidays.

If you’re an SD Member you know that our December Wellness Session kicked off this week, and we would have lost a lot of planning time for this session if we went on a big trip right away. We pushed the trip back until 2015, pictures to come!


Our Juicer Giveaway [ending 12/13/2014]


the seasonal diet juicer giveaway

In 2010, I got a juicer from my parents as a Christmas Present…

“What the heck? I didn’t ask for this!”

My first reaction was a little feisty, as if my parents thought I was becoming a health nut, eating all organic, no cheese and vegan Monday thru Saturday.

Sarah was much more excited – hey I think there’s a documentary out about juicing – which of course the movie she was referring to was Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.


Gluten Free Bread Recipe (+ a book review!)


Today we have a treat for you!

I’m sure you’re familiar with Dave’s Killer Bread?!

Well, our friend Mayi created this recipe and it knocks Dave’s bread out of the park! Not only that but this bread is gluten-free and full of fiber, minerals and protein. And it holds together very well!

Mayi just released her Life is Messy Kitchen…Cook Book Extraordinaire (it’s similar to a cookbook but again knocks most I’ve seen out of the park).