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Why Cooking Your Own Beans Will Change Your Life

cooking beans will change your life

Most of us buy our beans at the store, in a can.

We do this for 1 main reason:


No need to plan ahead, just grab and go.

So why would you ever want to cook your own? Sarah and I have been cooking our own beans consistently for about 6 months now, and we can officially say that it’s changed our life! We initially started doing it because it seemed healthy. Beans sitting on the shelf in a can for months on end didn’t seem like a very healthy choice. We had always wanted to cook our own beans, but we could never commit to it; telling ourselves it would be more complicated than we thought.


How to Find the Perfect CSA for You

How to Find the Perfect CSA for You

Joining a CSA was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Not only has it improved our health and saved us money, but it introduced us to vegetables and fruits we never knew existed!

It even helped us in the kitchen, and now we are able to cook a variety of dishes with crazy looking produce (hello Kohlrabi and Romanesco Broccoli)!

If you’re curious about CSA’s or considering joining one, I suggest you take a minute and reading this post. This information will help you make a good decision and hopefully answer any questions you may have!


5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Seasonal Produce


Whether you’re getting seasonal produce from the farmers market, grocery store, or even CSA box, it can be overwhelming at times figuring out how to use it all.

There are many benefits to eating seasonally: it’s more nutrient dense, it tastes better, it’s more affordable, and you’re supporting local farmers. But sometimes we get carried away, buying WAY more vegetables than we can handle, and they end up going bad in the fridge.


Turmeric Tahini Banana Bread


Turmeric Tahini Banana Bread

Hi Friends!

So I did it again. I found another way to use tahini:

Banana Bread!

There’s a little inside joke around our community about my love for tahini, shown here:) Some people go bananas (get it) for almond butter or peanut butter, but for me it’s tahini.

Some of our members are currently on week 3 of our Eat Less Sugar Program, and this week we introduced dessert night and the importance of having one.


How to Avoid that Artificial Stevia Taste


how to use stevia without aftertaste

We’ve all been there, it happens to everyone who’s trying to eat less sugar.

You go to add some stevia to your recipe, and before you know it the result is inedible. Such a bummer, even with the best intentions.

That’s what we’re covering today, how to add stevia to your recipes so that you get a perfect substitute for cane sugar. One that blends so well that you’re taste buds can barely tell the difference, if at all.